© photo by Nacho Guevara

I was born and raised in Greece, by location and history the convergence of East and West. I came to NY to study Journalism and it is here that I consolidated my identity as an artist. I see the beauty of truth as brutal as it may be. It hits me in the gut and makes life worth living. I want to multiply that vibe, drop another pebble in it and see the circles going out to stir new waters and change perspectives, points of view and visions.

I strive to create bridges between different realities. I embark upon each adventure stimulated by an event or an experience that fires up my curiosity and my emotions that I follow and explore. I meet the challenge via any medium at hand, be it photography, sculpture, painting, video, performance or a combination of the above. My art practice is a journey from the outside taken in, filtered, and redirected back out via the work. It is a process of self-discovery and a vehicle of communication. The resulting works are as revealing to me as they are to the viewer.