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Born in Greece, Eleni Mylonas came to New York on a Fulbright grant and a scholarship from Columbia University. She received a Master's Degree in Journalism in 1967 and made New York her home. She later studied photography at the Polytechnic of Central London and was invited to show her work at the Royal Photographic Society. After traveling extensively in Europe, and north Africa she drove overland from London to Afghanistan and back in 1972. Returning to New York she completed a haunting series of large scale photographs "Journey Through Ellis Island" which was exhibited at PS1 in New York and at the Zoumboulakis Gallery in Athens. Three large scale prints from this series are now part of the permanent installation at the Ellis Island Museum. Represented for many years by the Ileana Tounta Gallery in Athens and Art Resources Transfer in New York, Mylonas soon moved from pure photography to sculpture, to geometric abstraction, to video and mixed media. Her work has been widely exhibited in Europe and the United States and is in many public and private collections. She has taught at Parson's school for Design /The New School in NY and given many talks on her work. She was part of "Modern Odysseys" a major review of Greek American Art at the Queen Museum of Art in New York and participated in the first Athens Biennale "Destroy Athens." Her multi media installation "Virtual Conversations" was shown at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of the 3rd Biennale of Thessaloniki in 2011. In 2014 she had a major solo show at the BENAKI MUSEUM in Athens titled "The Cursed Serpent and at the Francoise Heitsch Gallery in Munich, titled "The Town Crier."  Mylonas maintains a Studio in New York and Athens and continues to travel frequently.

Short CV Bio

Born Athens 1944. Fulbright Grant 1966. MS Journalism, Columbia University, NY, 1967. B..A.. Photography Polytechnic of Central London 1972. New York Studio School of Painting Drawing & Sculpture1995. Digital Imaging, New School University 1993-99.



2015 WELCOME Museum of Contemporary Art Olivepress

2014 Art Athina with Francoise Heitsch Gallery

2014 Art Athina with Artemis Potamianou

2013 SYNTHESIS Gallerie Frabcoise Heitsch, Munich

2013 The Symptom Projects, Amphissa, Greece

2013 CAMP Athens, When Art beomes the solution
2013 Fountain Art Fair New York: Hullaballoo Collective
2012 Visual Aids New York
2011 Thessaloniki Biennale: Roaming Images
2011 Encounters: Melina Mercouri Center, Athens
2009 Kouros Gallery NY, Summer Accrochage
2007 Athens Biennial: Destroy Athens
"The Lamb of God"
2007 Biennale of Thessaloniki: Eterotopies
Public Screen"Venice"
2007 In Situations: Municipal Art Gallery "Brainstorming" Kalamata
2007 The Macedonian Museum of Art at the Benaki Museum Athens
2007 MMST Thessaloniki: "Memories"
2007 AGC Art Collection Portrait Exhibition Athens
2006 Masquerades National Museum of Cont. Art Thessaloniki
2006 Homage to Pineloppi Delta, Athens College, GR
2004 “Ekecheiria” Schropf Gallerey of Art, Chicago
2004 “Art/Science” University of Richmond (Virginia) Museums
2004 “Art/Science” Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
2002 “The Olympic Spirit”, Athems Municipal Gallery
2003 “Art/Science” Tweed Museum of Art
2001 “Art and Mathematics” Berkshire Community College
2000 Queens Museum of Art NY and Musof Cont Art, Thess Greece.
1999 “Modern Odysseys: New Faces” Found for Hellenic Culture, NY.
2000 Marmara Gallery, NY ‘In Tandem’.
2000 The Cooper Union, NY “Art and Mathematics”
1996 Argos Art Festival, Greece.
1993 'Art Athina’93 . 1991 Konica Plaza, Tokyo 'Women of Vision'
1990 The Cooper Union, NY 'New Voices in Gr/Am Art'.
1990 Silent Voices', Ellis Island Museum, NY


2014 Benaki Museum, The Cursed Serpent.
2014 Francoise Hetsch Gallery, Munich, The Town Crier.
2002 Art Resources Transfer, NY Venice ” video installation
2001 Ileana Tounta Cont Art Center, Athens Virtual Landscape”
2000 Quasi Periodic Space” Art Resources Transfer, N Y
2000 Foundation for Hellenic Culture, NY“
1996 Ileana Tounta Athens Fragments and Afghanistan 1972”
1991 Ileana Tounta “Space Odyssey” and“Universal Salvage”
1986 PS1 Museum, NY “Journey through Ellis Island”
1985 Zoumboulakis Galleries, “Journey through Ellis Island”
and“Nudes 1984” .
1982 Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kriezotou, Athens“Nude Landscapes”
and “NY Graffiti” series

ARTISTS TALKS on her work:

2006 School of Visual Arts New York, Artists Talk on Art
2002 New York Studio School Artist Lecture series
2000 ISAMA 2000 University of Albany, New York, On her work International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
1998 P.W.P Fashion Institute of Technology, NY On her work
1997 Camera Club of NY On her work
1994 P.W.P Nikon House NY On her work


1996 Argos Art Festival
Mixed media Installation--Steel, human scull photographs,
canvas, butcherblocks.
1989 'International Art Symposium', Permanent Installation, Crete, Greece “Haris: homage to the laborer” Rope construction, iron, armature, bolts, telegraph pole, rock. Outdoor installation on the waterfront.

New School University / Parson’s School for Design 1994
“Directed Projects” An advanced course focusing on personal expression

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
Athens College
The Goulandris Museum of Natural History (comission) Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
Ellis Island Museum
Warner Communications
Mamidakis Hotels
Lucent Technologies

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