Eleni Mylonas  "Fire in the Lake", 2018 Installation
"Fire in the Lake"
181" diameter mandala

On August 31, I went down to my rock to have a swim and I saw strange objects floating on the surface. I dove in and grabbed a few, and soon recognized them as burned pieces of pine tree bark. On the shore a bit further down the coast I saw a thick black lava like layer of “sand” 10 cm/4 inches deep, washing out to shore. Mounds of burned fragments of wood pulp were sitting on the beach. Charcoal sand. My feet turned black. Looking closer I saw numerous burned pine cones, branches, and a variety of other charred objects. (Please note that I was standing at exactly the same spot where years ago I had filmed my prophetic video “The Lamb of God” which was shown at the first Athens Biennale, Destroy Athens. This is a very significant fact for me because it compelled me to “read” the message and pass it on).

The fires broke out on July 23. Thick smoke was covering the sky turning day into night. The burned debris were travelling in the sea for over a month before reaching the coast of Aegina Island, changing form as they went along. I videotaped the lava like black pulp being washed out on the shore. I then collected 5 sackfuls of black sand and as many sacks of pine cones, branches, and other burned objects. I hauled this material back to the studio and I created a 460 cm/181 inches diameter mandala as a sort of memorial to those who lost their lives, their loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods to those destructive fires which are increasingly becoming common throughout the planet. In addition to the mandala, I created a separate installation of burned Pine tree barks in the form of a 3 meter golden rectangle, reminiscent of a military graveyard. This installation, still a work in progress, is rounded off by the video of the shore projected life size on a wall that is permeating the entire installation with natural sound and a large scale still of the shore.
"Fire in the Lake", 2018