Detailed Resume



1966      B.A. University of Geneva, Switzerland
1967      M.S. Comparative Journalism, Columbia University, NY
             Documentary film production with Fred W.Friendly
             Internship at Look Magazine with Arthur Rothstein
             Internship at WGBH-TV Boston, Ma.
1972      B.A. Photography, Polytechnic of Central London
1974      Ceramics, Earthworks Pottery, New York
1984-86 Painting & Sculpture, Brenda Goodman Studio, NY
1993      Electronic Imaging, New School Computer Center
1995      New York Studio School of Painting Drawing & Sculpture


1999      Foundation for Hellenic Culture Individual Artist Grant
1967      Helen Lee Lasen Fellowship, Columbia University
1967      Catharwood Foundation Grant
1966      Fulbright Grant


2014     Benaki Museum Pireos, Athens "The Cursed Serpent" 
            curated by Christina Petrinou. 
2014     Open Art Exhibition, Francoise Heitsch, Munich
2002     “Venice” video installation Art Resources Transfer Gallery, NY
2000      Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
             “Virtual Landscape”
             “Another Wolseley” video Inbstallatiion
2000      Art Resources Transfer, Chelsea New York
             “Quasi Periodic Space” series
2000      Foundation for Hellenic Culture, New York
             “Quasi Periodic Space” series.
             Photographic collages, prints, drawings, constructions, video
1996      Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
             “Fragments”: Photographic collages
1996       Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
             “Afghanistan 1972” B&W Silver prints
1991       Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
             “Space Odyssey” series: Iron constructions with photographs
              on aluminum, 3/8” glass, all edges beveled, bolts.
1991       Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
             “Universal Salvage” Color Coupler prints with oil paint.
1986       Institute for Contemporary Art, PS1 Museum, NY
              “Journey through Ellis Island” series: Large scale CCprints.
1985       Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kolonaki, Athens
              “Journey through Ellis Island” series: Large scale CCprints.
1985       Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kolonaki, Athens
              “Nudes 1984” Life size silver prints.
1982       Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kriezotou, Athens
              “Nude Landscapes” Photographic prints from multiple                                
               “NY Graffiti” series. Color Coupler prints.


2018      Art Athina International, featured @ Francoise Heitsch Gallery Munich
Symptom Projects 9, Amphissa Greece. Curator Fay Zika and Nikos      

2018      In Loco Parentis. Romantso, Athens
2018      IMAGO MUNDI Benetton Collection. Curator Beral Madra      
2018      DIASPORA. Shiva Gallery, John Jay College, NYC
2018      PAPER MOON, Museum of Contemporary Art Crete, Greece
2017      NEW ACQUISITIONS 2014-2017 EMST The National Museum of    
             Contemporary Art, Athens
2017      IMAGiNED HOMES Thessaloniki Biennale 6 at the Macedonian
             Museum of Contemporary Art.
2017      THE ARTIST/ KNIGHT at Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium curated by  
             Joanna De Vos
2017      CANAKKALE WALK 2017 HOMELAND Villa Schlikker, Kunsthalle  
             Osnabruck, Germany. Curated by Christian Oxeniu
2017      “VIOLENCE” Eresou 40, Athens. Curated by Nikos
2017      ON PAPER   Gallery d’Arte / Paris Koh Fine Arts, NYC. Curated by
             Antonia Papatzanaki
2017      ex-pats Museum Alex Mylona, Athens. Curated by Apostolis Artinos
2016      Urgent Conversations Athens / Antwerp The National Museum of
             Contemporary Art, Athens  EMST Inaugural Show Curated by Bart De  
             Baere M HKA, Katerina Koskina EMST
2015      ARTmART Vienna
2015      VANDALISM at CHEAPRT Athens
2015      WELCOME at Museum of Contemporary Art, Olivepress
2014      Art Athina, featured @ Francoise Heitsch Gallery Munich
2014      Art Athina Contemporaries curated by Artemis Potamianou.
2013      SYNTHESIS: Francoise Heitch Gallery, Munich
2013      CAMP Athens: When Art becomes the Solution.
2013      The Symptom Projects, Amphissa. Curator Apostolis Artinos
2011      Thessaloniki Biennial: Roaming Images
2009      Kouros Gallery NY, Summer Accrochage
2007      Athens Biennial: Destroy Athens
             "The Lamb of God"
2007      Biennale of Thessaloniki: Eterotopies
             Public Screen "Venice"
2007      In Situations: Municipal Art Gallery "Brainstorming"                            
2007      The Macedonian Museum of Art Collection at the Benaki                      
              Museum Athens
2007      Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art "Memories"                                      
2007      The American College in Greece Art Collection, Athens
2006      KMST National Museum of Cont. Art Thessaloniki:                              
2006       Homage to Pineloppi Delta, Athens College, GR
2004      “Ekecheiria” Schropf Gallerey of Art, Chicago
2004      “Art/Science” University of Richmond (Virginia) Museums
2004      “Art/Science” Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
2002      “The Olympic Spirit”, Athems Municipal Gallery
2003      “Art/Science” Rutgers Camden Center for the Arts
2001      “Art and Mathematics” Berkshire Community College
2000      “Modern Odysseys: Modern Greek American Artists 
              Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece
2000      “Art and Mathematics” The Cooper Union, NY
2000       ‘In Tandem’ Eleni Mylonas + Ertugul Ates
              Two person show at Marmara Gallery, NY
1999      “Modern Odysseys: Modern Greek American Artists 
              Curated by Peter Selz & William Valerio
              Queens Museum of Art, New York
1999       “Modern Odysseys: New Faces”
              Curated by William Valerio
              Foundation for Hellenic Culture, New York
1995       New York Studio School, paintings
1994       Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens
1993       'Art Athina ‘93’ Athens
1991       'Women of Vision', Konica Plaza, Tokyo
1990       'New Voices in Gr/Am Art', The Cooper Union, NY,
              “Universal Salvage”
1990       'Silent Voices', Perm. Installation, Ellis Island Museum, NY
1986       'Freedom & Justice’, Alternative Museum, NY 
1986        'The Embellishment of the Statue of Liberty',
               Vanity Fair/Barney’s, NY Photographic print.
1985        Littlejohn-Smith Gallery, NY “Dog days of August”
“City        Business” Photographic print with old ornate gold frame.
1984        Curwen Gallery, London, England, Ellis Island series
1984        Athenaeum Intercontinental, Athens, Greece
1983        Marcuse Pfeiffer Gallery, New York “Nudes.”
1983       'Memories of Fire', Gallery 3, Athens
               Collaboration with Lizzie Calligas
1982        European Exhibition of Art, Brussels, Belgium

1981       Nudes', The photographer’s Gallery, London
1981       Canon Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
1977       SoHo Photo Gallery, New York
1972       "Shenley', a photographic portrait of a Mental Hospital. The                  
               Royal Photographic Society, London, England


2015      DELPHI Museum Dialogues with Omphalos
2001      Kyriakopoulos AE Lobby with Alexandros Tombazis Architect
1996      Argos Art Festival: Altar
             Mixed media Installation--Steel, human scull photographs,                    
             canvas, butcher blocks--in a former slaughterhouse.

1989      'International Art Symposium', Permanent Installation,                      
              Crete, Greece
             “Haris: homage to the laborer” Rope construction, iron,                      
              armature, bolts, telegraph pole, rock. Outdoor installation                        
              on the waterfront.


2014      The Cursed Serpent
2000      Quasi Periodic Space1999
1996      Fragments
1989      Universal Salvage
1985      Journey Through Ellis Island

2014       Delalis: The Cursed Serpent, single channel with sound.

2011       "Virtual Conversations" Thessaloniki Biennale, 
               Roaming Images, curated by Iara Bubnova
2007      Athens Biennial Destroy Athens: The Lamb of God
2001      “Venice” single Channel Video with sound
2000      "Another Wolseley” Video Installation: Fireworks
             “Another Wolseley” George
1999      “Quasi Periodic Matches” 8 minute Video loop
              part of a triptych with two digital prints
1991      “Space Odyssey” Running time 8 mins.
              Shows construction and installation of Space Odyssey series
1983/90  “Journey Through Ellis Island” Running time 20 mins.
              A sequence of stills from Ellis Island.


2000      ‘To Vima’ Painting with photographs by Katia Arfara
             ‘Athens News’
             ‘Eleftheros Typos”
             ‘To Vima’ Geometric Infinity by Katia Arfara
             ‘The National Herald’ Photographic Collages
              Efi Andreadis essay in Quasi Periodic Space Catalogue
              Naomi Spector essay in Quasi Periodic Space Catalogue
1999      ‘Klik’ Twelve NY Artists, George Armaos
             ‘Modern Odysseys’ Catalogue essay by Thalia Selz
             ‘Melissa Artist Reference Dictionary’ entry by Efi Strouza
1998      ‘Figaro Maison’ Ioannou/ Pikadas
1996      ‘To Vima’ A puzzle of photographs
             ‘To Vima’ Centerfold
             ‘Kathimerini’ week’s highlights, Eleni Petasi
             “House & Quality Living” Where art flourishes
1991      'Ta Nea' Haris Kambouridis
             'Living' Dora Rogan
1991       'ELLE' Anna Riga
              'Ikones' EVA, Kyveli Zahariou
              'Tahydromos' Anastasia Zenakou
              'Kathimerini' Eleni Petasi
1990      ‘New Voices’, Catalogue essay by April Kingsley
              'American Photography VI', Booth-Clibborn/Rizzoli Intern.
1987       'Prosopa', Angelos Droulias
1985        'American Photography I', Booth-Clibborn/Harry Abrams
1985        'The Athenian', Elizabeth Herring
               'Tachydromos' Aglaia Kremezi (also 1982, 1984)
               ‘To Vima’ Centerfold
1984        'Kathimerini', Maria Karavia
               'Eikastika', Olga Bati
               'Gyneka', Lia Papaefstratiou
1983        'Kathimerini', Dora Rogan
1982        'Eikastika', Olga Ioannou
               'Mesimvrini', Kitsa Bontzou
1981        'Greek Accent', Angie Peteris
1980        'PRINT' magazine, profile


1991        MEGA Channel ‘Bravo Roula” Greeks of New York
1999        Antena Satelite TV by Alexandra Spiridakis
2000        NET ‘Shaker’ by Fei Karavitis
               Antena TV ‘Katse Kala” by Panayotis Tatsis


2000       Modern Odysseys: Modern Greek American Artists 
1999       Melissa Artist Reference Dictionary
1991       Ellis Island: Chermayeff/Macmillan
              Manhattan / Mus. of the City of NY
              The Photographed Cat / Doubleday
1990       American Photography I / H. Abrams
1985       American Photography VI / Rizzoli International
1984       White by Design/Stuart Tab.& Chang


2006      School of Visual Arts New York, Artists Talk on Art
2002      New York Studio School Artist Lecture series
2000      ISAMA 2000 University of Albany, New York, On her work
             International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
1998      P.W.P Fashion Institute of Technology, NY On her work
1997      Camera Club of NY On her work
1994      P.W.P Nikon House NY On her work

New School University / Parson’s School for Design 1994
“Directed Projects” An advanced course focusing on personal expression

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
Athens College
The Goulandris Museum of Natural History (comission)
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
Ellis Island Museum
Warner Communications
Mamidakis Hotels
Lucent Technologies

Anthi Doxiades
Kali Doxiades
Petros Sabatacakis
Dakis Ioannou
Florika Kyriakopoulos
Gregoris Papadimitriou
Zaharias Portalakis
Marcuse Pfeiffer
Ileanna Tounta
Alexandra Vogiazides
Peggy Zoumboulakis
Other private collections.

Eleni Mylonas
148 Greene St. #5E
New York NY 10012